Been There
The Floor of the Sky)
Pamela Carter Joern
Bookworm Bookstore
Omaha, NE
September 14, 2006
Omaha Lit Fest
Omaha, NE
September 15-16, 2006
Timothy Schaffert is a genius
for bringing together so many
diverse writers for fun and
probing of the writing adventure.
The Omaha Lit Fest rocks!
Hamline University
Minneapolis, MN
September 22, 2006
Edina Community Library
Minneapolis, MN
September 25, 2006
Pamela Carter Joern enjoyed her events for
The Floor of the Sky.
It was a privilege to sit on a panel of such
talented writers to discuss the importance
of place: Twyla Hansen, Jonis Agee, (me),
John McNally, Amy Knox Brown, Annasue
Just me and 75 of my closest friends gathered
to celebrate the publication of
The Floor of
the Sky
. Thanks to Mary Rockcastle, Dean of
the Graduate School of Liberal Studies, for
hosting. Thanks to the Hamline Bookstore for
selling books. Thanks to my friends for
cheering and buying books.
Thanks to Maureen Millea Smith for organizing
this reading with neighbors, quilters, and friends.
One woman came who shares our last name
(Joern) thinking we might be long lost relatives.
Alas, we're not, but it was fun talking about
Judson Church
Minneapolis, MN
October 8, 2006
We had a great time as a gathered community.

Thanks to Joyce Nolan for the heartfelt welcome and
the Judson Library Committee for sponsoring the
event. Thanks to Sheila O'Connor for the brilliant
introduction. Char Engen with her gorgeous earthy
voice sang two prairie-loving songs. Thanks to Mary
Bednarowski for the terrific conversation focused on
the theological aspects of my work. Sarah Baker and
Jenny Buck prepared a sumptuous feast for the

I had a wonderful time signing books. Judson is my
home church, and I can only say that it's sweet to
move through life in such good company.
Image by Dawn Villella
Amazon Bookstore Cooperative
Minneapolis, MN
October 19, 2006
Excelsior Bay Books
Excelsior, MN
November 2, 2006
Loft Literary Center
Festival for Fiction Writers
Minneapolis, MN
October 28, 2006
Brainerd Writer's Alliance
Brainerd, MN
November 4, 2006
The Loft Fiction Festival was a grand
success, thanks to the organization of
Andrea Worth. Andrea posed with me for
this photo. Patti Frazee, author of
and Alicia Conroy, author of
Lives of
, and I participated in a panel
on Publishing Your First Book.
Excelsior Bay Books is a terrific independent
bookstore in Excelsior Bay, MN. Ann
Woodbeck and her staff offered Halloween
candy, wine and cheese, crackers, and a
friendly atmosphere for those of us gathered
in the “living room” of the bookstore.
It was a privilege to witness the dedicated writers who
gather for the annual writer’s conference of the
Brainerd Writer’s Alliance. Together we explored the
puzzling options of literary point of view. I enjoyed
hearing winners of this year’s writing competition read
their prize-winning pieces. There were even Grab Bag
door prizes.
Magers & Quinn Booksellers
Minneapolis, MN
November 30, 2006

with Alicia Conroy, author of Lives of
Guest Appearance on Write-On Radio
Fresh Air Community Radio KFAI
Minneapolis/St. Paul,
December 21, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
January 18, 2007
Alicia Conroy and I read on a cold blustery evening
at Magers and Quinn. The store served hot
chocolate, a definite bonus.
Here I am with Susan Malouf, my friend and one-time
theater partner, and Susan Zdon (in the middle) who
owns Corazon, a fabulous specialty gift shop in the
warehouse district of down town Minneapolis. Susan
opens her shop once a month for an artists’ soiree,
complete with energy bars, cheese, and champagne.
Elliott Bay Book Company
Seattle, WA
March 8, 2007
Elliot Bay Book Store is a marvelous independent
bookstore off Pioneer Square (which is really a
triangle) in Seattle. I had a grand time seeing some
old dear friends and making new ones.
Wayzata Library
Wayzata, MN
March 10, 2007
Patti Frazee organized a
wonderful evening of
jazz music. My author
friends: Sheila O’Connor,
Maureen Millea-Smith,
Patti Frazee, and I have
never been so artfully
introduced as to the
accompaniment of piano
and bass.
Barnes & Noble Discover Great
New Writers Luncheon
New York, NY
February 28, 2007
Brad and I went to New York for the Barnes and Noble
Discover luncheon and while there discovered this old
bar/restaurant called Chumley’s where many literary giants
used to hang out. The walls are covered with their pictures
and book jackets, and this is me sitting in front of a
photograph of Willa Cather.
Sister Wolf Books
Dorset, MN
July 25, 2007
Har Mar Shopping Center
Roseville, MN
September 20, 2007
Thanks to Maurrie Salenger for scheduling and promoting
my meeting with the Har-Mar Book Club, and to Sue Bardill
for her enthusiastic leadership. I thought we should give
badges to the intrepid book lovers who gathered on such a
dark and stormy night. There was even a surprise visitor,
my old friend Georgia from junior high! Special thanks to
the Har-Mar B&N staff for their support of local writers.
Private Book Clubs
I’ve met with a number of private book groups, and every visit has
been a privilege. Most of these have been local, but a couple were
phone sessions with people far away. When you are a writer, you
spend a lot of time alone in a room, and you wonder if anyone will
ever share the world you’ve imagined. It’s enormously gratifying to
hear other people loving your characters and humming to the strands
of humanity that you’ve tried to weave.

Thanks to these organizers: Marjory Adams, Mary Bednarowski,
Connie Bell, Ann Beaver, Lisa Biondo, Cindy Clague, Mary Ann
DeZiel, Kay Dunne, Diane Ehr, Chris Follett, Julie Fulton, Sally Hill,
Gayle Haugen, Mary Holm, Jinny Jensen, Laurie Klausen, Marsha
Knittig, Kay Koehnen, Michael Larsen and Linda Nelson, Vicky
Lettmann, Monica Lewis, Karla McGray, Jane Minge, Rosanne
Power, Betsy Schultz, Mary Steinhagen, Kathy Urbaniak, Christina
Von Bank, Betty Wedekind, and Dina Wellbrock. If I’ve left anyone
out, please let me know.
We had a grand discussion of The Floor of
the Sky
at Sister Wolf Books, located in
tiny but picturesque Dorset, MN, near Park
Rapids. Thanks to my friend Sally Hill for
introducing me to Sally Wills, the owner of
Sister Wolf and the organizer of this
energetic women’s book club.
Here I am with Maureen Millea-Smith, author of
When Charlotte Comes Home, and Trudy
Hanus, librarian at Wayzata Community Library.
Maureen and I had fun answering questions
about writing process with a group of hardy
Saturday morning participants.
Jennifer Nemo and I had a fun and thoughtful conversation on
the radio waves. Thanks to KFAI for their promotion of writers
through Write-On Radio.
Thanks to Philip and Beth Black for hosting
my first public reading of
The Floor of the
. What better place to start than in
Nebraska with a room full of Joerns, Carters,
and friends of the family. Thanks to Janet
Grojean and the staff for setting it up. The
book lovers smile.
Here’s the group that gathered at Amazon Cooperative
Bookstore in south Minneapolis. The reading room in is
in the basement of this great independent bookstore.
They also display work by local artists, and on the walls
were paintings of cows. With the ranch theme of this
novel, that seemed entirely fitting. You can’t see the
cattle in this photo because we tried to capture some of
the people there.
Thanks to Mary and Doug Miller of Rainy
Days Bookstore in Nisswa, Minnesota for
hosting me with their book club readers.
We had a lovely meal in Lost Lake Lodge
and a great discussion.
Rainy Days Bookstore
Nisswa, Minnesota
September, 2010